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Captivate your Audience

Club Sportiva’s corporate services are designed for companies that understand the importance of giving back to the people who have helped them succeed. Whether it’s your employees, investors, or clients, Club Sportiva has the services you need to either remain productive or enjoy the moment.

Corporate Rentals

Car Rentals

One of the best ways to gain attention is with a car that stands out from the rest. This distinction, whether in the form of a Lamborghini, Ferrari, Maserati, or any vehicle from our Collection, is sure to mesmerize any bystander.

Our Corporate Clients have used rentals as employee rewards for hitting sales targets, as entertainment for clients, or even as marketing for their brand.

The largest impact rentals have are while they remain static and draw crowds at large conferences. To ensure that no one associates the car with just any company, we provide decals to place your logo on your rental. This is ideal for brands that want to convey performance, engineering prowess, and agility.

Success Story

Fortinet reached out to Club Sportiva to promote their brand at the RSA Conference. As a leader in Cyber Security products, their goal was to increase foot traffic to their booth. We came up with a strategy to create an initial impression by having our staff drove around the Moscone center with a Ferrari F430 and Mercedes SLS draped in Fortinet logos before parking at the entrance of the convention center. The result was a crowd of invitees that gained brand recognition before they stepped onto the convention floor.

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Clubhouse Rentals

Venues need to be unique in order from them to be memorable. With high-end amenities coupled to an automotive motif, each Clubhouse has its own unique layout that is sure to leave a great first impression. Our Clubhouses are ideal for team building exercise, employee award ceremonies, and entertaining clients.

All Clubhouse Rentals come with access to our concierge service, which can arrange and deliver entertainment options and food options, such as wine tasting, hors d’oeuvres, and dinner entrees.

Corporate Experiences

Exotic Car Sprints and Tours

Our most popular experiences are available in Corporate guise. Both Exotic Car Experiences give you the opportunity to drive six exotic cars on back roads that are suited for their demeanor. Sprints cover 50 miles and last about 3 hours, while Tours cover 100 miles and last approximately 6 hours. Vehicles on these experiences may have manual transmissions depending on availability.

The benefit of doing this as a Corporate client is that you have the option of tailoring your own Exotic Car Sprint or Tour giving you the ability to choose the number of cars you’d like to drive, the type of cars you’d like to drive, and the distance you prefer. Our Client Liaisons will then create a custom route to make sure you enjoy your time properly.

We’ve had clients create custom 10 car tours, or manufacturer based tours (e.g. Lamborghini or Ferrari only) to create a spectacle of combinations that results in the perfect experience.

We recommend Sprints and Tours for team building exercises, client entertainment, and team awards.

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Success Story

When Norse Corporation asked us to create a custom Tour, their goal was to have a team building exercise that happened to create marketing buzz. To maximize their fun and marketing exposure, we hand picked our best cars and placed their company logos along the sides of each vehicle. Since the tour was self-guided, we recommended some of the best Bay Area back roads to enjoy the capabilities of each vehicle. The results were beyond their expectations. The team had a memorable experience and the company got social marketing exposure throughout the route.

Corporate Membership

If your need for speed is required on a more frequent basis, Corporate Membership is the viable choice. Your company enjoys the same perks as a regular Membership, such as promotional rental rates and experiences, but also receives business oriented perks.

Day Members

Company executives can utilize Membership for themselves or can add “day members” such as employees or clients to their account.

Clubhouse Facilities

Utilize venues for meetings for your team offsite or client entertainment. You’ll also receive priority booking and Member rates.

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