Ferrari 458 holidays


A Gift Certificate is an ideal present for car lovers because they provide them the flexibility to redeem towards any Car Rental or Experience.


Your Gift Certificate can either be delivered either via snail mail or via e-mail. In cases where the delivery must be expedited , we will email you a gift certificate you may print and present.

Gifting Recommendations

Exotic Car Rentals — Rent an exotic, sports or luxury car from our multimillion-dollar collection for any occasion.

Exotic Car Tours — Drive six unique exotic cars over 120 miles on the best roads that California has to offer.

Exotic Car Sprint — Our most affordable experience packs the same adrenaline as the tour over a 50 mile trek in six exotic cars.

Club Sportiva Membership (Best Value) — Enjoy clubhouse amenities and favorable rates (up to 70% off) on all the exotic cars in Club Sportiva's fleet by becoming a Member. Through December 24th, 2018, a complimentary Exotic Car Tour ($1249 value) will be provided with the purchase of your Club Membership.

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