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From the beginning, Club Sportiva has been proud to feature Ferrari automobiles. From the gorgeous Rosso Corsa F355 GTS to one of the last manual 360 Modenas, and on to the latest 488 GTB, we have always valued the importance of the Ferrari brand. Browse our excellent selection of luxury and exotic cars today and you can be behind the wheel of a prancing horse tomorrow.

Ferrari is the most recognizable sports car manufacturer on the planet. Ferrari's road cars have always been seen as a symbol of exclusivity, speed, luxury, and wealth. And in an era where computers and advanced technology permeate through every element of a modern supercar, Ferrari continue to be one of the few automakers that still build vehicles to stir the soul. The inspiration and engineering that it takes to build a street car of this caliber begins on the racetrack even before the vehicle is conceptualized.

This approach has been in place since Enzo Ferrari himself founded Scuderia Ferrari in 1929. Headquartered in Modena, Scuderia Ferrari literally meant "Ferrari Stable" and today typically refers to "Team Ferrari" in F1 racing terminology. Originally, Ferrari fielded racing cars for distinguished gentleman drivers, functioning as the racing division of Alfa Romeo. Enzo was not initially interested in developing road cars, but eventually, and quite reluctantly, he began to build sell Ferrari cars to fund his racing business.

Enzo believed that the only way to achieve victory in racing, and in business, was to continue to be innovative and push the envelope of design and engineering. The amount of knowledge gained from motorsports, and more importantly the rate in which it was obtained, provided substantial advantages that are applied to manufacturing Ferrari's street cars.

What distinguishes a Ferrari from its competitors isn’t just the performance. It’s the aesthetic that goes along with that amazing performance. With coach builders Pininfarina and Zagato applying the design, Ferrari’s have always been stunning, while delivering effective aerodynamic performance, dynamic handling, and blistering acceleration. Even today, there simply isn’t a need to compromise between the two, given Ferrari's attention to detail and flawless execution. You’ll be sure that no one ever mistakes a Ferrari for something else.

Rent a Ferrari today to discover why this Italian exotic manufacturer is still the best. Club Sportiva's inventory changes rapidly, register for free to get updates on new vehicles as they arrive. With Clubhouses throughout California, including locations in Los Angeles, Silicon Valley, Monterey, and Menlo Park@AutoVino, we have just what you are looking for for your next exotic driving experience, corporate event, or weekend getaway.

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