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For almost a century, Mercedes-Benz has been building some of the best automobiles on the planet. From luxury icons like the G-wagen and the S-Class to exotics like the newAMG GT S, Club Sportiva has always been proud to feature fine Mercedes-Benz automobiles. Browse our excellent selection of luxury and exotic cars today and you can be behind the wheel of a Mercedes Benz-tomorrow.

While the Mercedes-Benz that we know as a company won't celebrate its 100 year anniversary until 2026, the first Mercedes car was built way back in 1901. Karl Benz is credited with producing the first petrol-powered car, and his partnership with Gottlieb Daimler and engineer Wilhelm Maybach made automotive history. Add Emil Jellinek, an Austrian automobile entrepreneur, who helped name one of their very first cars, the 1901 Mercedes 35 hp, after his daughter "Mercedes" and you have the beginnings of one of the most iconic companies in the automotive world.

While "horseless" Daimler automobiles were being marketed across Europe, Jellinek's expansion plan included the "New World" and soon names like Rockefeller, Astor, and Morgan were among the elite set of owners here in the U.S. This solidified Mercedes-Benz, a name that became official circa 1926, as a world-renowned luxury automaker.

With early cars like the 1936 260 D which was the world's first diesel production car and the incredibly iconic 300SL "Gullwing" from 1954, to world benchmarks like the first S-Class produced in 1965, their lineage and contribution to the car world is unmatched. Pioneering technology that you see in today's S-Class will slow tickle it's way down to everyday automobiles over the next decade.

Modern Mercedes models have always been seen as the creme of the crop with the AMG lineup being among the very best. AMG, which was originally an independent engineering firm focusing on performance improvements for Mercedes vehicles, is now wholly owned by Mercedes-Benz. Founded in 1967 to build racing engines, AMG eventually signed a contract with Mercedes to develop vehicles for sale in M-B showrooms. The 1993 Mercedes-Benz C36 AMG was the first car that came out of this new agreement and the rest is history. Today, Mercedes has AMG models of just about every vehicle they sell and the AMG reputation of amazing engine building lives on.

The SLR McLaren was introduced over fifteen years ago and was the predecessor to some of the amazing machines that you see in our lineup, including the AMG GT lineup and previous models like the SLS AMG. Few vehicles will give you the full grand tour experience around California like a Mercedes-Benz. From a Napa winery to a day spent cruising the Pacific Coast Highway, a Mercedes-Benz rental is always a smart choice.

Rent a Mercedes-Benz today to discover why this German manufacturer is still the best of the best. Club Sportiva's inventory changes rapidly, register for free to get updates on new vehicles as they arrive. With Clubhouses throughout California, including locations in Los Angeles, Silicon Valley, Monterey, and Menlo Park@AutoVino, we have just what you are looking for for your next exotic driving experience, corporate event, or weekend getaway.

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