About Club Sportiva

Established with Distinction. Fueled by Passion.

Our love of cars and attention to detail deliver a lifestyle experience that’s as rich in adrenaline as it is in community.


Our Story

Founded in 2003, Club Sportiva pioneered the enthusiast Car Sharing concept. By 2008, our offering grew into a collection of high performance cars, where members had access via annual points.

Today, we provide Enthusiast and Equity memberships, with primary and partner clubhouse locations throughout California. Members (individuals, families/groups and businesses) have full access to our collection of vehicles, and a wide range of programs and services, including Managed Car Services, a variety of inviting clubhouses, and an array of special events and clubhouse rental opportunities.

Our passion for cars and desire to celebrate car enthusiasts drives everything we do. Our attention to detail delivers luxury experiences that build business relationships, foster friendships, and provide pure fun. Additionally, our Equity membership model is the first of its kind in the category.


Member Liaison Team

Anthony Nguyen

Director of Operations

I am a hard-working and driven individual who isn't afraid to face a challenge. I value HPDE events, trying new things, and hitting the gym.

Evangelina W.

Event Sales Manager

I have been in the hospitality industry for over 20 years and love planning events! I enjoy traveling, cooking, and spending time with family.

Josh Walker

Member Liaison

My passion for all things cars has led me to pursue a career in the industry with a Bachelors in Automotive Management from Ferris State University.

Club Ambassadors

Bryan Wright

Food & Drink Obsessionist

My "Food and Drink Obsessionist" title has spawned Club Sportiva's now-legendary barrel-aged cocktail program!

Karl-Heiniz Lachnit

Sporting Ambassador

Corporate lawyer by day and track junkie on the weekends, with two race built cars and no racing license…yet!

Joon Lee

Master Plotter

Technology consultant by day, Serial Entrepreneur by night. Avid golfer. Father. Husband.

Zach Kleiman


I'm a pediatric anesthesiologist with a Porsche problem. Golf is my escape from the grind but my new baby coming soon might put a damper on the 3 putts.

Sia Bani

Meet the President

Club Sportiva was formed in 2003. I started in 2009, when the second owner brought me on board as a consultant after completing his acquisition of the company. At the time, I had just finished business school and my startup company in the digital media space had just been acquired. I was ready for a new, fun project at the first “classic car timeshare” concept in the United States. While the transition was amazing, the timing was not, as we were in the midst of the Great Recession.

We persevered and over the following years, I became a partner and began working on the business model to not only save the club from the recession but to develop it into the extremely unique and fun club we have today. In 2015, I took full control of the club, and we built what we like to call "the country club for car enthusiasts." Today, we serve a growing membership of car enthusiasts that enjoy access, community, and unique experiences. We also expanded to serve corporate clients with our event venue rental with over 18,000 square feet of meeting space, conference rooms, and more!

The future looks even brighter with a unique equity membership program, making the club the first member-owned, country club for car enthusiasts. Stay tuned!

Exhilaration Awaits

Become a member of Club Sportiva and enjoy thrilling car rides and a community of like-minded enthusiasts.