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About Club Sportiva

Founded in 2003, Club Sportiva pioneered the classic car “timeshare” concept. By 2008, its offering grew into a fleet of exotic, luxury and sports cars, where Members had timeshare access through Points purchased annually. Through several iterations of its business model, Club Sportiva has expanded into the The Enthusiasts Lifestyle, providing a unique opportunity for Member and Non-Member car enthusiasts to participate in the world’s most unique sharing model across a multitude of experiences.

With primary and partner Clubhouse locations throughout California, Club Sportiva provides its Members a wide range of products and services that appeal to the discerning enthusiast.
Corporate clients receive the added benefit of Clubhouse venue rentals for meetings and off-sites, car and yacht excursions for entertainment, and access to a network of like-minded enthusiasts.

Non-member clients are able to take advantage of some Member services, such as access to our rental fleet and experiences, which can be combined with delivery services through San Francisco's Bay Area, Los Angeles, Napa Valley Wine Country, San Diego, and even Las Vegas.

As the oldest and most established business in the industry, Club Sportiva prides itself in evolving to create unique programs that serve the needs of the car enthusiast community.

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