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Club Sportiva Corporate Events are designed to help your company succeed in conveying its message. Whether you choose a venue rental, Corporate Driving Experience, or Corporate Tradeshow, our services are designed towards your productivity goals or marketing exposure goals.

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Corporate Driving Experiences

Corporate Driving Experiences

Exotic Car Sprints and Tours

Our most popular experiences are available in Corporate guise. Both Exotic Car Experiences give you the opportunity to drive six exotic cars on back roads that are suited for their demeanor. Sprints cover 50 miles and last about 3 hours, while Tours cover 100 miles and last approximately 6 hours. Vehicles on these experiences may have manual transmissions depending on availability.

The benefit of doing this as a Corporate client is that you have the option of tailoring your own Exotic Car Sprint or Tour giving you the ability to choose the number of cars you’d like to drive, the type of cars you’d like to drive, and the distance you prefer. Our Events Team will then create a custom route to make sure you enjoy your time properly.

We’ve had corporate clients request our entire fleet for a one day experience, and have created custom manufacturer based tours (e.g. Lamborghini or Ferrari only) to create the perfect purist experience. Let us know what your vision is, and we'll let you know how we can bring it to fruition.

The same caliber of service is available for Sprints and Tours, which are ideal for team building exercises, client entertainment, and team awards.

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Corporate Tradeshows

Corporate Tradeshow

Gain Attention with a Car that Stands Out From the Rest

The largest impact rentals have are while they remain static and draw crowds at large conferences. To ensure that no one associates the car with just any company, we provide decals to place your logo on your rental. This is ideal for brands that want to convey performance, engineering prowess, and agility.

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Host Your Corporate Event at our Clubhouse

Exotic Car Tour Pricing

There are three Club Sportiva Clubhouses available for hosting events, all of which are centrally located in Silicon Valley (San Jose), Menlo Park, and Los Angeles.

The state-of-the-art facilities provide modern amenities to entertain guests, such as a board room, game room, and cigar lounge. If hosting a presentation is on the agenda, office spaces and breakout rooms are available with the latest conference equipment.

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