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50 miles of Adrenaline Filled Driving

The Exotic Car Sprint is our most affordable experience, providing you and a complimentary passenger 50 miles of adrenaline filled driving in six of the finest exotic cars from Club Sportiva's collection.

To maximize your driving experience, our knowledgeable staff will help you get acquainted with each vehicle's starting procedures, seating position, and power band recommendations to help you drive confidently.



Exotic Car Sprints

The latest performance vehicles

The Exotic Car Sprint has included the following brands of exotic and luxury cars - Ferrari, Lamborghini, Maserati, Porsche, Lotus and more! This is your opportunity to drive exotics from around the world in one experience to provide you an eclectic sample of acceleration, handling, style, and sound.

Here are just some of the latest vehicles that have taken part in the Exotic Car Sprint:



Exotic Car Sprint Routes

Choose between NorCal or SoCal

Each route on the Sprint is carefully crafted by staff members to provide to the performance potential of each exotic car on some of the finest back roads in California. The combination of scenery, sound, and speed provide an unforgettable memory that will fulfill your bucket list.

Southern California Exotic Car Sprint

Southern California Exotic Car Sprint

The Southern California Exotic Car Sprint begins at our Club Sportiva - Los Angeles Clubhouse and shortly departs to Pacific Coast Highway to maximize your driving time. We'll be driving on secluded canyon roads before making our way back on arguably the best coastal roads in the world.

Northern California Exotic Car Sprint

Northern California Exotic Car Sprint

With Sprints available in Northern California, each Sprint experience provides a unique setting driving through forest-lined roads of Silicon Valley to the Lick Observatory on Mt. Hamilton.


Sprint Schedule

Sprint Schedule

The Exotic Car Sprint takes place on weekdays with two time slots available per day.

Schedule Slots

Sprint Experiences take place on weekdays with two time slots available per day:

  • Early Sprint - 8AM
  • Late Sprint - Noon

Duration: ~ 4 hours

  • Meet and Greet: Arrive 30 minutes prior to your reservation and get to know participants, staff, and the cars that you will be driving while enjoying your complimentary refreshments.
  • Begin Exotic Car Sprint: Our staff will review the itinerary and go over the route, car rotation schedule, and safety precautions. Once complete, it's time to start your engine and drive your first exotic of the day!
  • Break at the Lick Observatory: We will stop and enjoy the scenic views from the top of the Mt. Hamilton Observatory. This is a great time to take photos (selfies encouraged!). Once we reach our moment of Zen, we'll start up the motors and get ready to drive the home stretch.
  • Clubhouse Recap: Once you have completed the Sprint, you'll receive a full recap including pictures and feedback. Furthermore, you'll walk away with a Certification of Completion to remember this experience by.


Exotic Car Sprint Pricing

Starts at only $799

The Exotic Car Sprint is our most affordable driving experience to provide you and your complimentary passenger the drive of a lifetime!

Notes: Some vehicles are only available with a manual transmission. A $5k pre-authorization hold on the participants credit card will be required.

Custom and Corporate Sprints

Custom Exotic Car Sprints are available for groups and corporate clients.

Whether you need two cars or the entire fleet, Club Sportiva can provide you the vehicles, route, and guides to help you create your very own Sprint Experience.

Contact us for more information.

Custom and Corporate Sprints

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