Car share


Would you like to share an exotic, sports, or luxury car or SUV with the Club and gain access to the entire fleet? How about earning a return on a capital investment?

We have three models that enable Members to participate with a CarShare vehicle. Depending on the program, benefits and cost savings include not having to pay sales tax on the purchase of a vehicle, no cost to insure, maintain, store, and/or detail the vehicle; as the Club handles it all!


Created for the highly desired and utilized vehicles in the Club, LeaseShare Members can add their vehicle into the fleet in order to help cover the cost of ownership.. Do you already finance, lease or own a vehicle outright but want to share your car with the Club? How about getting your payment partially or fully covered on a monthly basis?


The Club’s most popular CarShare program, in which a Member shares their personal vehicle to earn Points. When the vehicle is utilized by other Members or clients, the PointShare Member accrues 50% of the Point value of the reservation. For PointShare, some Members choose to daily drive their vehicle, and then bring the car to the Club for pre-scheduled reservations. For highly-utilized vehicles, free storage is also offered at our Silicon Valley Clubhouse.


Club Sportiva's InvestorShare program is a great offering for qualified Members who would like access to vehicles while receiving a financial return. Members of Club Sportiva have the ability to truly invest in a car, such as a new Ferrari or Lamborghini, and receive a guaranteed rate of return. InvestorShare Members are seeing a return of up to prime rate on their capital, with complimentary access to their investment vehicle a few times a month, without any of the hassles of ownership.

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