Clubhouse rentals
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Venue Rentals

Club Sportiva has three unique Venue locations that provide a modern setting designed to handle an intimate or an extravagant number of guests for any occasion. Each high end venue includes a unique ambiance created by our multi-million dollar car collection and other auto centric motifs. To make sure that your event goes accordingly, you’ll have access to the same concierge services we provide our Members to help you find the right vendors, caterers, or anything else you may require to host the perfect event.

Each Venue is located in the heart of a metropolitan and all are within 15 minutes of a major airport, providing convenience to your guests. Upon arriving at the Venue, all guests will receive complimentary parking.

Special Events

Club Sportiva provides private parties a vibrant setting that has all the amenities required to handle special events like birthdays, charity events, bowl games, and any other event that is worth celebrating. Each Club House’s exotic cars can be displayed to add to the novelty of your event.

Corporate Events

Whether your company just beat their quarterly results or your company needs an off-site team building exercise, Club Sportiva can provide you the right mix of productivity and fun. For productivity, each Club House offers state of the art technology, including wifi and conferencing abilities available throughout the venue, to ensure that your company streams communication channels flawlessly. For fun, each Club House offers a full service bar, multiple led televisions, and lounge areas.


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